Zero Waste New Zealand Ltd has extensive experience in establishing and enabling waste minimisation pathways in New Zealand.


To achieve this the company undertakes a number of different roles:


·      The collection, disassembly and export of electronic waste

The circuit boards from the e-waste are exported to Japan where they are re-refined to extract gold, silver, copper and around 18 other elements for reuse in the global IT industry.  

ZWNZ uses one of the best refineries in the world for this process. Metals collected are recycled in the local market where possible

Verification reports on waste destinations are available. Hard drives wiped.


·      ZWNZ provides networking and support to growing New Zealand Industries where waste materials can be used as a raw material. 

For instance IT plastics once they have been checked for the presence of unwanted flame retardants are used to support small industries currently operating in the greater Auckland area. ZW has disposal answers for many wastes such as polystyrene and foam plastic.


·      ZWNZ provides consultancy and support services to companies and groups in the waste and sustainability area. For instance ZW provides administration and coordination services to NZTRACA- The NZ Tyre Recyclers and Collectors Association.


Zero Waste is keen to assist local businesses reduce their waste costs by preventing or recycling waste, and in the case of e-waste is happy to arrange a pickup when required. 

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 I am very glad that we established a good relationship, and I expect to this business to become a continuous business.
All things are due to you, I would never have achieved the result without your help. Thank you very much.
Nagahiro Umihira of Umihira Metals Ltd