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Circuit Export from NZ - The Urban Mine

These days, tiny amounts of gold and other elements are used in the construction of circuit boards so instead of mining we are now recycling these resources by collecting used circuit boards. These circuit boards will be shipped with complete provenance to ISO 14001 accredited refinery in Japan to be re-refined using some of the best process in the world. Then the metals can be used again in the next generation of electronic devices.

fern in gully
Gold’s average concentration in the earth’s crust is .005 ppm and low grade gold ore  is 5 ppm or 5 g/tonne. 

On the right is a photo of a worked out gold seam in Central Otago which was the home of gold mining in New Zealand in the 1880’s.

 Japanese smelter estimates of gold on two different circuit board types are between 18g/t at 80% pure and 80 g/tonne (95%pure).

Circuit boards are found in all electronic products  e.g. routers, remotes, toothbrushes, mobile phones, servers, desktops and laptops.
 Circuit Boards found in electronic appliances contain very small amounts of metals other than gold such as  silver, copper, and palladium, which can be re-refined in high tech Japanese refineries and then re-used in new products.

 Reports from the refinery are available showing what kinds and how much metal is recovered.

chipped circuit boardssmelter and harbor


This is true recycling- the metals recovered will be used again in the electronics industry. This unique system gives total confidence that  circuit boards are being handled securely and traded transparently.

pie graph

                                                Statistics from Saganoseki Smelter In Japan

For more information please contact Zero Waste New Zealand Ltd